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Importance of Keywords in Anchor Text or Title Text

Keywords are indisputably, the single most important element of an anchor text.

First of all, for those who are still learning the ropes let us define an anchor text. Anchor Text is also called Title Text. It is a clickable statement or text on a webpage, which takes you to another page or website.It is a link to another site or page.

The question is what should be considered an ideal anchor text? Since it is an invitation, it should be able to draw attention. It should ideally be self explanatory also. By looking at Anchor Text, one should be be able to figure out where one is going to land. Anchor texts within the site (i.e. links which take you from one page of the site to another) also should be chosen carefully

Make sure your Anchor text has your main keywords as part of text. It needn't sound like a bunch of keywords put together. And, according expert optimizers, one should keep changing one's anchor text once in two-three weeks. Especially Google looks for such change and development. Your anchor text on other sites with your main keyword will help you move up that much faster. Anchor text thus is a very important element of SEO.

The author is Purva Mewar, webmaster of Work at Home Based Business websites, and


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