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Five Short Quick Tips on Web Page Titles

By Catherine Franz

Search engine spiders read and record page titles first. Here are five tips on how you can get the search engine spiders to read your titles and use them in their optimization process:

1. Character count is important: Google's maximum character count for page titles is 83. Yahoo's maximum character count is 111.

2. Don't use filler words like: and, for, the. They are dropped anyway by the search engines.

3. Remove redundant or unsearch worthy words or phrases, for instance: Welcome to, this is about, or Products Page. Anything people would not normally search on. This also uses up the limitations on character count (mentioned in #1 above).

4. Include word plurals, for instance: sales lead and sales leads.

5. Include various spellings or misspellings of the words, for example, saleslead and sales lead, could be used as one word or someone might search on them as two separate words.

Catherine Franz, a Business Coach, specializes in writing, marketing and product development. Newsletters and additional articles: blog:


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