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The importance to the algorithmic web crawlers that speed throughout the web is crucial to the successful marketing campaign of your site. Your site would simply be a pretty compilation of HTML, XML, Java and the sort if search engine crawlers did not come around and look over your site. These amazing little creatures are absolutely incredible software inventions those only purpose in life is to "crawl" the web.

Jumping from site to site through links, as though in a web, (hence the WWW) these programs evaluate not only the relative importance of your site, but also have the uncanny ability to know whether or not you've been updating. Updating your site is one of the most crucial things you can do for your internet marketing. The crawlers love updates, they love fresh new content, and from experience, they visit your site much more frequently if you update frequently. They are hungry little fellows, always looking for new relevant information to add to the enormous indexes that Google, MSN, and Yahoo compile day by day every hour, every second.

Checking when a "bot" has been to your page is easy, simply go to the cache hyperlink in the search results for your site keyword. This will tell you when Google last indexed your page along with the relevant changes on the home page. The more often your site is visited the better. Although PR algorithms are a trade secret, it is almost certain that having the Googlebot as a guest as often as possible will increase your relative importance and help drive traffic to you site. And traffic means sales.

Gene Leshinsky
EnkiTel Communications provides a cheap alternative to traditional long distance and international calling plans. We strive to identify the best deals on the market and present them to our customers. EnkiTel also runs a blog for starting business, sharing ideas, resources and commentary.


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